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Real Estate Investing Tip: BUILT-INS CHARM OR DATED LOOK?

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Real Estate Investing Tip – BUILT-INS CHARM OR DATED – In real estate investing you are like a chef with ingredients getting ready to make something delicious!  You can make several different things on what you have and renovating a house is no different.  There are many decisions that need to be made such as what to keep and what to eliminate.  Budget constraints can stop us from doing all we would like.  When you do a buy, fix and flip it is so critical to do the improvements that might get you the most bang or your buck!   In this house it had several built-in features.  There are certain built-ins that can add to the charm of a home but often I will remove the small built-in shelving units or ironing board storage to make a home look more crisp clean and modern.  The more you learn each day about real estate investing, the closer you might be to doing what you really want to do!  Live life in the moment with no regrets!  Go make it a great day. Follow your real estate investing dreams and make those dreams a reality! Believe and Achieve! – Joe Jurek

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