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As a real estate investor remember to stay in your own lane!

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In life, have you even been guilty of just trying to take on or do too much?  It sure can be overwhelming and you often feel as though you never accomplish anything.  Many real estate investors want to take on too much too fast when they start their real estate investing adventure! 

Have you ever been to an In-N-Out Burger Restaurant or a Chick-fil-A Restaurant? I remember the first time I dined at an In-N-Out burger. I was in California and I pulled up to the drive thru and I looked at the menu board and I thought to myself, where are all the other menu items? All I saw were burgers and fries?  At  In-N-Out burger yo ucan’t get a chicken sandwich and at Chick-fil-A you can’t get a burger!  They focus on one thing and they try to do it better than anyone else! 

I observed several things about these businesses that were very impressive and often set them apart from their competition: 

All the employees were very kind, polite and always smiling

It was a pleasure for them to assist you with your order or special requests

The staff were fast and efficient providing excellent customer service

They offer a quality product at a reasonable price

Future visits proved to me they also had consistency of providing their service and product

The extra long lines in the drive-thru confirmed other customers valued their business

These characteristics of a business are great examples for you to consider implementing as you work your real estate investing business. First, do what they do and you will develop a good reputation in your local area. Second, another important concept, is for you to select only one real estate strategy and do it the best to your abilities.  

With your real estate business choose one thing such as wholesaling and choose one specific area to pursue. I usually would recommend working one zip code at a time and learn that area cold!  Then work that area the absolute best you can! Try to be the best at looking for distressed properties or for sale by owner properties.  If you utilize bandit signs to find cash buyers or off market real estate deals, become the best at canvassing your area with your signs.  Remember to always be in compliance with any local city ordinances regarding your bandit signs. 

Once you master one strategy in one specific area, then go ahead and expand to other strategies or areas from there. Also, remember it is better to try to be the best not the biggest in your local area. Growth will come with consistent focus and effort. It is the cliche to start slow and grow – crawl, walk run! 

The key to success is to be the best you can be by focusing on one thing at a time and not taking on too much too quickly.  As a swimmer and a real estate investor, you always want to remember to stay in your lane!  Live life in the moment with no regrets!  Believe and Achieve! – Joe Jurek

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