Can you hear that?  Listen, really listen. What do you hear when you are looking for advice from others.  Do you hear the advice or listen to what they tell you to do?  Do you always have to listen to other people’s advice or can you hear what they say and still make the best decision for your life? Do you often seek advice from other people like co-workers, family and friends? Are they an expert in the area you seek advice? Do they know a lot about the topic or can provide advice on business because they are already a huge success in business? In life we often need to be more aware of who we listen to and who we seek advice from. They may be only trying to help and offer advice as to what may be best for them. Everyone is different and what may be good advice for one person may not be the best advice for you.  


In life it is so critical who we take our advice from and who in life we desire to listen to. BEWARE, often people are willing to provide free advice, but is it the best advice for you? We have only one life to live and we all have dreams ever since we were young. When we were young, we believed the sky was the limit and we believed we could be anything or do anything our heart’s desired. As we get older, we sometimes lose sight of our dreams. Maybe they are put in the basement of our minds but reawaken those dreams because those dreams are still there! These dreams are deep inside of you even if you have not given them some thought for a few years. You need to sometimes slow down enough to listen. You need to hear what your dreams are telling you.  You need to dust off those dreams and see how you can make those dreams a reality.  It is never too late so do not ever give up.  One of the keys is that you can achieve your dreams if you do not allow anyone to steal your dreams!  Yes, it can be hard work because so many people often want to focus on why something can’t work rather than how we can make it work.  Life will give us good days and bad days.  We just hope to limit the bad days and make lemonade when we get lemons our way.  The price of chasing your dream today will outweigh the frustration in later years of never trying to pursue your dream. 


Never settle and do not try to talk yourself out of doing what you really want in life. Also, it is so important for you to live your own life and not try to live the life that someone else may want you to live.  We are all influenced by family or friends and often people are telling us what we should be doing.  You need to listen to your inner voice and do what you really want to do.  Is it possible to work and start something on the side?  Do you have that entrepreneurial fire and drive?  If you do why not try to build something on the side.  The more you build and nurture it the more growth potential it may have.  In the future who knows what you might be able to grow it into.  Nights and weekends can give you the time you need to work toward something you want. Take advantage of your free time and make that time count! You control today and you control your destiny. You can do real estate. You can find great deals! Remember, great deals are created by the offer you make! Never let anyone, even family or friends, steal your real estate dreams! Make your real estate investing dreams a reality. Live your own life because it is truly yours to live! 

Real Estate Investing can be FUN and a Real Adventure! Live your life in the moment with no regrets! Believe and Achieve! – Joe Jurek

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