10 Ideas where a Picture is Worth 1,000 Words to save you time, effort and headaches!

Our life is so busy that each day we seem to not have enough time in our day.  The alarm goes off and you rush to get out of the house to get to where you are going. Some mornings we are rushing off to work or getting the kids ready for school. Often during the time we are doing things we need to do or enjoy, the minutes and hours sometimes fly by. During most vacations doesn’t it often feel as though someone is making the clock turn faster as your vacation days zip by faster that an Indy 500 race car! We often take photos to remember the moment and to relive those special times.  We want to capture that exact time in our lives and what better way that a photo.  With cameras in cell phones it is easier then ever to capture photos in an instant of anything we want. 

Time is something we never have enough of and as life gores by we often wish for more time.  We never have enough time however we all have the same amount of time 24/7. How do we choose to spend our time helps mold us into the life we currently live. I often look at ways to save time, to allow myself more time for the things I need to do and the things I want to do. If we can save time, it will leave us more time to do things we want to do not spending time doing things we have to do. 

Every day in life we often hear cliches. Some are good and often apply while others we may choose to ignore. One of the more applicable cliche for a Real Estate Investor is a picture is worth 1,000 words. As a real estate investor we know that time is of the essence.  If we can save time with what we do, it will allow us to have more time to spend time on anything we want.  As a organized real estate investor, here are several ways I can try to save time by taking photos with my cell phone: 

  1.  I take pictures any and all bandit signs of real estate investors buying houses or people selling houses.
  2.  I take pictures of any and all for sale by owner signs.  
  3.  I take pictures of contractor signs in front of houses.
  4.  I take pictures of contractor vehicles to build my real estate power team.
  5.  I take photos of landscaping of other houses that might provided ideas for my landscaping projects.
  6.  I take photos of any potential real estate deal to have photos to help me calculate repairs for the project.
  7.  These photos are also useful in having photos you can send to potential buyers if you decide to wholesale deals. 
  8.  I take before and after photos of all projects to have a portfolio binder of my real estate deals.
  9.  I take before and after photos of rental properties to ensure we have a record of any issues in the rental units.
  10.  I take photos of all appliances with serial numbers where applicable to keep track of these assets in our rental units. 

Taking more photos will make you a little more organized and will probably save you time in almost everything you do.  I know these photos over the years have even saved me from some future headaches.   I am sure you can even add to this list of ideas, so feel free to share your additional thoughts with other real estate investors.  Go make it a great day!  Make your real estate investing dreams a reality. Live life in the moment with no regrets! Believe and Achieve! – Joe Jurek

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