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Do you want to be the GOAT when it comes to real estate investing?

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We all have probably heard the famous quote “Everyone Loves a Winner”! So often in life people want to be associated with the winner. They want to be around a winner. They want to have time with winners. They want to share in the excitement of a victory. They want others to see them with a winner. Maybe they often think they will be associated as a winner too?

As I travel the country, I often see how much people want to be associated with winners often with professional sports. I often see people support their local professional sports teams. However, if that team is having a winning season I see so many more of those teams jerseys in airports and around those cities and towns. We often call that jumping on the band wagon!

In life, when we play sports there is always a winner and loser. We do not like the feel of being the loser, however it usually comes down to proper execution of a game plan and our effort. The winner does what the loser in some cases is not willing to do. The winner goes the extra mile. The winner makes things happen with focus and grit.

In real estate investing, if you are at least trying to make it happen, you are a winner. In real estate, you can create transactions that are win-win for everyone and no one is the loser. If you work at creating win-win deals, you may be creating a dynasty of real estate investing for yourself. You want to make things happen in real estate so you are doing all the right things. If you are a winner you are not just hoping the phone rings with a lead for a next deal you are making the phone ring by doing things that will make it ring.

To be successful in real estate investing you need to have a plan and each day execute that plan. You need to show that extra effort each and every day. You need to be doing all the right things to be a winner!  You need to be doing all the things that will give you the greatest chance for success. 

In life, it is a fact that some people win and some people lose at what they do. Unfortunately, everyone can not win all the time. Even when some teams lose they look for something or someone to find fault in such as the weather, the stadium, the officials, the conditions of the field or even the worse thing to point a finger at another team member. People unfortunately can have short memories.  A team that sticks together can win together and not find fault in another team member’s game.  real estate is the same way.  You need to be a motivator for so many people you may come in contact with on a daily basis. 

Sometimes people want to find someone to place the blame on and they want to explain why it is their fault. They look for an escape goat or just a goat to blame things on. In real estate, do not look for excuses such as I have no time, I have no money, I can not do this, it is too tough for me, etc.

You have a choice at being the GOAT in real estate!

Do you want to make excuses or make deals, the choice is up to you!

Being the GOAT may not be such a bad thing if you are the GREATEST OF ALL TIME! – aka the G.O.A.T.

Live life in the moment with no regrets.  Believe and Achieve! – Joe Jurek

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