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In Real Estate Investing you don’t always want to follow the herd!

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The question of the day is do you consider yourself a leader or a follower?  So often in life most people just “follow the herd.” They do not want to be the first one to make a decision, they follow the lead of others. Think back to the last time you were on an airplane and your plane just landed. Most people were scrambling to get their cell phone on or put away some last minute goodies in their carry-on bags. The plane pulls up to the gate and you hear the “DING” from the seat belt sign being turned off. Are you the first one out of your seat or do you wait until someone gets up and then you follow? Are you afraid of jumping up too fast? Are you? Or do you take the lead because you are confident on what you hear. 

In your real estate investing adventure, be confident everyday in what you do. If you run the numbers for a potential real estate deal and want to make an offer, be confident in your offer. It has to be a great deal for you, not just an okay deal.  There are way too many okay deals out there.  Never let anyone talk you out of making the offer, especially the Realtor states “your offer seems a bit low, the seller will never accept an offer that low.” Go ahead and request the Realtor to make the offer because you never really know what the Seller will accept until you make an offer.  You may find out you do not get the deal, but more importantly you may find out something the offer process that will assist you in creating your future offers.  

Some new real estate investors may think “if this is such a great deal, than why are there not other real estate investors making an offer?” You do not want to be in a multiple offer situation unless you are the seller. if you are the Seller a multiple offer situation is music to your ears.  Therefore, make your aggressive well calculated offers before the herd of other real estate investors come stampeding in on your deal!  The seller is more likely to consider or counter an offer if they have not had many other offers to date.  

If you see a great neighborhood or a great deal, go ahead and take the lead. Make the offer! Remember great deals are created by the offer you make! Your exit strategy will help you to determine what makes an ordinary deal, an extra-ordinary real estate deal. You can make the deal happen, if you make a well calculated offer! Always be in front of the herd of other real estate investors with your offers to purchase real estate. 

Live life in the moment with no regrets!  Believe and Achieve! – Joe Jurek 

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