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How to make your Vehicle into a Billboard in Motion!

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Real Estate Investing Tips – Be Bold, Be Loud and Be Proud! – Why you Car, Van, Sport Utility Vehicle or Truck can be a Billboard in Motion for your real estate investing business!

Do you want to be successful in real estate? Do You really?  Are you doing whatever it takes to separate your marketing efforts from the competition with your real estate investing adventure? Well, you need to become an Innovator at finding off market real estate deals!  You need to be creative and outsmart your competition by trying to figure out how to find deals faster than your competition. You might believe that you have tried everything. However, the key to success is not giving up and to keep on going. Give 100 percent each day! 

Who knows what might work best in your local area. you need to try different things. You need to be extraordinary! I knew a college professor that proclaimed “Marketing is everything, and everything is Marketing!” You need to always be improving what you do because your competition is always trying to take your place.  We drive many miles. I had a little Toyota that I put more than 200,000 miles by driving for dollars! Did I really drive all those miles, you bet i did. Then it came to me, my car can be a “Billboard in Motion”! 

So, why not utilize your car, van, sport utility vehicle or truck to your benefit? Can you purchase large magnets for the side of your car that reads “We Buy Houses” or something even more creative? Could you get a large bumper sticker for the front and back of your car?  How can you leverage your vehicle to promote your real restate investing business?  

When I use to work in Downtown Chicago, I saw so many cabs and buses with advertisements on the sides of the vehicles and even on the roofs of taxi cabs or trucks. Just one deal, yes one deal could more than pay for this magnet advertising! Even if the deal is an assignment for under $1,000 that could pay for your advertising! How great is that return on your investment? 

I know several car shops and print shops offer car decals that can wrap and cover the front, back or sides of your car. Thus, the advertising could be endless. Can you image your car be noticed driving around town or even parked in a mall parking lot for 8 hours? You can’t buy advertising that good, especially if you park near the roadway of the mall!  A huge golden nugget tip would be to always pick strategic parking places for the most visibility everywhere you go!   

The possibilities and opportunities are endless! So be a little creative and see what opportunities will come your way! Be Bold! Be Loud! Be Proud! and work on your real estate investing busienss each day to become Financially FREE! Are you ready? I know I am, but I am still driving on the road to get to where I want to be! 

Live your life in the moment with no regrets!  Believe and Achieve! – Joe Jurek 

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