Pick your battles but be sure to have a solid ship to stay the course!

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It was a sunny day with blue skies and a slight breeze. You could feel the white silky sand under your feet and see the small white caps on the water as the ships began to load up and go out for a day of adventure. There is a smell of coconut sun tan lotion and sea salt in the air. You see boats in the distance and even a pirate ship lurking in the water. You imagine being on that ship and you may think what treasure chests may be discovered during this trip? It was time to set sail and locate the next possible deal in the cold uncharted waters of your own real estate investing adventure! 

As you are out navigating those uncharted waters, you have to be willing and able to do what it takes but always remember to choose your battles wisely. You may encounter people that do not have the same ideas or vision that you have for real estate deals you are trying to do. That is okay, remember to pick your battles. Think about what certain people went through that had different beliefs than others.

For example, Christopher Columbus probably ran into several people that did not agree with him that the earth was round. They told him he would fall off the earth once they set sail. Did that stop Columbus? Absolutely not! Can you really succeed with real estate investing? Are you really going to make this happen? Should the naysayers stop you? Absolutely not! Some of these naysayers may even be on your family, friends or even you current real estate power team. 

Is it worth arguing with a Realtor about your offer being too low? How about arguing with them about the contingencies you desire to include in the offer to purchase contract? Is it worth arguing with other members of your real estate power team? No, No, No! When it is time just have the naysayers just “walk the plank” out of your life.

You do not need to fight certain battles and at times it is better to just walk away. Do not spend so much energy analyzing why people do not do what you ask them to do.  It is so much more important to spend that time and energy in finding real estate deals. If you are better with your time management, you will often find your treasure chests filled with riches in real estate! 

Set sail today to find those riches of education and real estate deals. Each day the key to remember is you must always pick your battles and stay on course!  You have the tools and real estate knowledge to navigate those rough real estate waters ahead. Believe and Achieve! – Joe Jurek

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