Bird Dogs – also known as “Property Finders” – As you build your Power Team you may want to have several questions that you ask each potential member. 

You may be looking to draw more leads. More leads will lead to more deals. Therefore, you can really benefit from having an army of Bird Dogs a.k.a. Property Finders. This is an awesome way to clone yourself and leverage the time of others. There are new and eager real estate investors out there that want to work with seasoned investors. Can you imagine having over 100 Bird Dogs out there looking for off market deals for you?  What a treasure!

The more you have the more eyes and ears that are out there looking for deals for you. Anyone and everyone can be a Bird Dog for you from a server at a restaurant to someone working in the mall. Find more Bird Dogs today, and watch your business start to grow by tomorrow! 


There is not an exact script to interview your Bird Dog, but here are several questions you can consider asking your Bird Dogs:

1. Could you use an extra $500 to $1,000 per month looking for off market properties? 

2. Do you have a camera and know how to email or text photos? 

3. Do you have a dependable vehicle?

4. Do you know others that might want to be a Bird Dog? If so, if you introduce them to me and I buy from them it will get you a small cash reward as well. 

5. Are you willing to do other small jobs and get paid for them, such as putting up fliers or bandit signs in the local area? 

6. Do you have a computer and would you be interested in looking for ads on line, like on Craigslist, that could lead to a Bird Dog fee for you? 

7. Are you interested in posting any ads on-line and would you be willing to do this to try to find more real estate deals for me? 

8. Do you know of any really busy streets or areas that would make for a good place for a bandit sign or flier? 

9. Can you also send me any other signs or ads that you come across that they say they are buying houses? 

10. Do you know of any business owners or people that have an attractive piece of land where they will let us put up fliers or signs? 

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