Cash Buyers – Real Estate Investors buying with all Cash $ – As you build your Real Estate Investing Power Team you may want to have several questions that you ask each potential member. We value having Buyers as part of our overall real estate team. We have a few type of Buyers we will discuss, however in this posting we will discuss Cash Investors or also called Cash Buyers that want to purchase Wholesale Deals.

These are Cash Investors or also stated as Cash Buyers that want to purchase deals using all cash. By cash we mean liquid cash, cash in the bank, cash in a stock brokerage account, or even cash in the Mattress! Remember a Buyer that is pre-approved by a bank to buy, is not a Cash Buyer.

There is not an exact script to interview your Cash Investor Buyer, but here are several questions you can consider asking your Buyer of Wholesale deals:

1. What local market areas are you most interested in? (Cities and Zip Codes if possible)

2. What are the types of properties you are most interested in (Single family homes, Condos, Townhomes, Multi-family, Land)?

3. Can you tell me about a recent deal you completed? (please include the location of property, type of property you purchased and the numbers – acquired it, rehab costs and sales price)

4. What percentage discount of after repaired value are you looking to find deals?

5. Are you okay with making repairs to a property? If so to what extent – Light, Medium or Heavy?

6. How many real estate deals per month can you normally handle?

7. How many days would it take you to close a deal with me?

8. Can you share any discounted deals with me that you may be looking to wholesale?

9. Can I get an email and secondary number, either cell phone number or office phone, to contact you with further questions?

10. If I find a deal that meets your criteria, how do you want me to present it to you – Text Message, Email or Call You?


Building your Real Estate Power Team with the best members will make it easier for you to scale and operate your real estate business. The key is building a successful power team is to find the best qualified people available to help you build your real estate business. If you help your power team grow their business and make money by providing them with opportunities, then you will be working on building a successful business for yourself.

Real Estate Investing can be FUN and a Real Adventure! Live your life in the moment with no regrets! Believe and Achieve! – Joe Jurek

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