Electricians – As you build your Real Estate Investing Power Team you may want to have several questions that you ask each potential member. Electricians are a major part of your power team because updating electric can be a costly BIG Ticket item.

You want to ensure you will have an electrician that can do large projects such as rewire an entire home as well as those electricians that can do small jobs like replacing old bathroom exhaust fans, grounding outlets, installing hard wired smoke detectors, installing electric for a garage door opener, etc.

There is not an exact script to interview your Electricians, but here are several questions you can consider asking your Electrician:

1. Are they licensed, insured and bonded to work in my local area?

2. Does the electrical contractor do the work that you need? Some specialize in large projects, small projects, new construction, residential or commercial.

3. Confirm the electrician will obtain all permits required and guarantee their work to pass any inspections performed by your city, town or village.

4. What is your written warranty that you provide regarding your work?

5. Do you have proof of workers compensation insurance in the event any of your workers may get injured while on the job?

6. Do you provide free estimates and can you quote a total cost for the job rather than a hourly rate?

7. If they charge a hourly rate, what are the rates for the electricians and other less skilled helpers?

8. What training and experience do you have for doing these types of projects?

9. Are you and your workers neat and professional on the job site? Do you clean up any mess you might make at my property?

10. If you have to drill or cut holes into a wall or ceiling, do you make minor repairs? If not, can you recommend someone to do these types of repairs?

11. Do you provide 24 hour emergency service if I need it?

12. Do they you have a company website? If so, what is the web address?

13. Do you make any recommendations on how to lower your power bill?

14. Would you be available to do an electrical inspection on a home for checking for any potential electrical issues before you purchase the home?

15. How long have you been in business and can you provide me with 3 references?

16. Can I get an email and secondary number either cell phone number or office phone to contact you with further questions?



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