Real Estate Investing Power Team Question Series: Plumbers

As you build your Real Estate Investing Power Team you may want to have several questions that you ask each potential member. Just like with every member of your power team, do not wait until you need a plumber to start calling them.  Plumbing issues can be BIG Ticket items that cost many dollars, so spending time finding a plumber before you need them can save you time, money and stress.

There is not an exact script to interview your Plumbers, but here are several questions you can consider asking your Plumber:

Questions to ask a Plumber: 

1. Are you a licensed, bonded and insured plumbing service?

2. Are all of your service technicians licensed plumbers?

3. What is your plumbing specialty? For example: Service and repair, New service or both?

4. Does your company do drain cleaning?

5. Does your company offer emergency 24 hour service?

6. What is your average response time once a call for service is placed?

7. What are your normal rates? Is there another rate charged for weekend, emergency or 24 hour service?

8. Do you charge for driving time to my location?

9. Are your service trucks fully stocked or do you charge for going to get parts that are needed for the job?

10. Do you charge overtime rates, and if so how are these rates calculated?

11. Do you charge for estimates?

12. What credentials do you have and can you provide me with 3 references?

13. What type of written guarantee do you provide for your work and how long it the work warranted for?

14. Is your plumbing work guaranteed against leaks, breakage, and other types of issues that might occur?

15. Can I get an email and secondary number either cell phone number or office phone to contact you with further questions?



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