Roofer As you build your Real Estate Investing Power Team you may want to have several questions that you ask each potential member. One of the more costly items which we call a BIG Ticket item can be a roof. Therefore, the more you understand about roofs, the better offers you can make.

There is not an exact script to interview your Roofer, but here are several questions you can consider asking your Roofers:

1. What is the full name and address of the roofing company?

2. Is the company a licensed, bonded and insured roofing company?

3. How long have they been in the roofing business?

4. Does the roofing company carry insurance and what type?

5. What is the roofing companies written warranty and how long does it apply?

6. Can they provide a list of at least 3 references of prior customers?

7. How does the company handle complaints?

8. What is the timeframe for starting and completing the project?

9. Who will be assigned as Supervisor from their company for my roofing project? Are they on the job from start to finish?

10. Can they work after hours or weekends to get a home completed on a deadline?

11. What is your approach to a roofing project of this scope?

12. How firm is your estimate? If we can provide multiple jobs, will there be a discount for more work?

13. Does your company do the work or do you use sub-contractors? If you use sub-contractors, what is involved in the vetting process?

14. What types of roofs does your company specialize in? Do they do all types of roofs?

15. Do any of your employees have certifications such as Certified Remodeler (CR), Certified Remodeler Specialist (CRS) and Certified Lead Carpenter (CLC), Home Improvement Certifications (HIC)?

16. What percentage of your business is repeat or referral business?

17. May I have a list of your supplies and suppliers you normally use?

18. Will we need a permit for all types of projects? Do you purchase the permit and it that already included in my estimate?

19. How many roofing projects like mine have you completed in the past year, 2 years?

20. How many layers of a roof are okay to have on a building in my local area?

21. To install a roof, does the weather need to be a minimal temperature? If so what temperature is ideal?

22. Can I get an email and secondary number either cell phone number or office phone to contact you with further questions?



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