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Real Estate Investing Tips – BATHROOM MOLD ISSUES

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Real Estate Investing Tips – BATHROOM MOLD – Real estate investing has so many lessons that you learn each day. In this photo there is so much mold and nastiness growing on the ceiling it could make you lose your lunch after you take a good sniff in this dirty, nasty, stinky and crusty bathroom. Bathrooms need good ventilation and should always have an exhaust fan that properly vents outside and not in the attic or a bathroom window for proper ventilation. Having both an exhaust fan and window could be the best idea for your property. However, most of the time tenants will not open the window to vent the steam.  Also make sure exhaust vents will vent to the outside not to the attic!  Even if bathrooms are clean make sure you have proper venting to prevent future issues. It is what you don’t know in real estate that costs you money.  This school of hard knocks knowledge will teach you lessons and can cost you money!  Make sure you learn before you try to earn!  Live life in the moment with no regrets!  Believe and Achieve! – Joe Jurek
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