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Real Estate Investing Tips – OPEN CONCEPT KITCHENS

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Real Estate Investing Tips – OPEN CONCEPT KITCHENS – In Real Estate Investing, it is critical to see changes that you can make to a property to increase its appeal. In this house I would consider taking out the small wall between the kitchen and living room. Always verify walls you are considering to remove are not load-bearing walls. Retail buyers like open concept houses.  Just make sure you leave enough kitchen space for all your appliances, cabinets and counter space.  never remove a wall and cut your kitchen in half!  Also if you are keeping the flooring, how will you address the floor where the wall was removed.  Have a plan before you attack the wall with the sledge hammer!  It is what you don’t know in real estate that costs you money.  This school of hard knocks knowledge will teach you lessons and can cost you money!  Make sure you learn before you try to earn!  Live life in the moment with no regrets!  Believe and Achieve! – Joe Jurek
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