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Savvy Real estate Investors always leverage Technology!

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I am often amazed by technology and often I can be resistant to change. This is a battle I sometimes have to face. What about you? Its like having a VHS tape player, then we changed to a DVD Player, Blue Ray and even movies on demand right to our cell phones!  Wow, just when I get use to using one thing, a new and better technology appears to become available. 

Last night, I was at a restaurant and saw something you do not see much of anymore, a pay phone. There they were hanging on the wall outside of the restroom area.   I had to laugh as a young child asked their Dad what are those things on the wall? So often in life, we understand that life can move pretty fast and if we are not careful we can fell left behind by technology. Technology almost moves as fast as our lives, if you blink you could miss it. 

When it comes to your real estate investing business are you using technology to help you? Are you leveraging technology and others to assist you with your real estate investing adventure?  Are you going to conduct business by using pay phones or cell phones? I know that sounds like a silly question but what about all the other technology you are utilizing or not utilizing.  Is good enough really enough to propel you toward the success you desire to achieve?  Are you going to have an old fashioned brick cell phone or the latest smart phone? Do you know what other tools could help you right now with your real estate investing? 

This is your time to make a decision if you want to embrace technology or run away from it. A land line can limit you to how far you can go. A mobile phone is just that, it allows you to go anywhere. Are you going through each day tied down like a land line or are you out and about with mobility that can take you anywhere you want to be!  You can embrace technology to do real estate deals anywhere.  You could follow through on any potential lead that could lead to a potential real estate deal?

Now, I completely understand that you can be on a call and the call can drop, with the famous “no service available”.  However, you go ahead and make the call again. In life we face things that just happen and we need to go with the flow. These things that happen are life’s lessons for us to learn from. The key to remember is be mobile, be out there and things will happen.

Make the call! To a Cash Buyer! To a motivated seller! JUST MAKE THE CALL!!!! 

You will begin to realize all the great things out there to make your business run better, faster and smarter. As you network with other real estate investors, ask them what they are using to help run and build their real estate business. You can get good ideas from everyone you meet. Be sure to network for deals, network for buyers but most importantly network for the best information! 

Live life in the moment with no regrets!  Believe and Achieve! – Joe Jurek  

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it”. – Ferris Bueller

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