BUSINESS CARDS! Do you have any business cards that help you promote your real estate investing business?  Do you like your current business cards or have you taken the time to ask others what impression they get from your business cards?  Business Cards are a mini billboard to help promote you and your real estate investing business! How many boxes, yes I said boxes, do you currently have on hand? Are your business cards in your wallet or purse or sitting back in your office? Do you carry business cards in your car? How many business cards are you passing out each day, week and month?  When you meet a person how many business cards do you give them?  Are you doing all you can with your business cards to be planting seeds that may turn into real estate leads or deals? Business Cards are a great way to build your network! 

Do you currently have a goal for passing out your business cards?  Do you know how long it may take you to go through a box of 500 business cards?  If you do not know, then I have a plan for you!  When you get the box of business cards you need to write directly on the box the day you got it and then write the day you passed out your last card from that box.  Now, how long did it take you to get through that entire box?  You need to ask yourself that question and come up with a plan to get through the next box even faster.  How about a goal of passing out at least 100 cards per week? Would those 5,200 cards help to build your real estate business? How big can your network grow? Here is the challenge, if you care to accept it! Each day meet at least 5 new people and give them 3 cards each. That will be passing out at least 15 cards per day. If you do that for a straight 7 days you will have passed out 105 business cards in a week. If you pass out at least 105 each and every week over a year you will have passed out 5,460 cards. You Rock Star!

Can you begin to image how your network might grow. If you are looking for off market and unlisted real estate deals, could business cards be a tool to use? If you are looking for cash buyers, could business cards be a great tool. How are you telling the world – I AM A REAL ESTATE INVESTOR AND I WANT TO BUY AND SELL HOUSES!  Business cards are so inexpensive and one of the absolute ways to build your real estate business! 

On the business card be sure to tell them that you “Buy and Sell Houses”.  The business card should include your name, and a title such as “Real Estate Investor” under your name.  Also be sure to include a phone number and an email address. You can have a nice photo of maybe a house or anything you want on the card.  Just be sure your audience knows that you are a real estate investor and your looking to buy and sell houses. Get the word out and have other people even help you pass out your cards if they are willing. You want to build an army in your area to help you get the word out on what you do!  

If you really want to build your network, you need to pass out business cards each day! You meet people every where you go! You need to be out going and friendly to everyone you meet.  Business cards are one of the best ways to promote your real estate business no matter where you live. You can go to many print stores or online and find deals such as 500 color stock cards for $9.99. So be sure to never leave home without your business cards and keep an extra box in your car because you will never know when you may need a card.  a business card leaves a lasting impression to whomever you give it to.  It also helps them remember who you are and hat you do.  This make make more real estate deals or contacts come your way if you are not shy of meeting people and passing out your business cards to anyone that will take it.  A box of cards is so inexpensive, it is probably cheaper than a gourmet coffee and donuts! Make your real estate investing dreams a reality. Live life in the moment with no regrets! Believe and Achieve! – Joe Jurek

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