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Tips to quickly sell a Buy, Fix and Flip Real Estate Deal!

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In the world of real estate houses get listed everyday and some houses will get an offer made on it today!  When you list your house for sale to you fell like you are calling out to all potential buyers?  You might be able to get an offer and do a deal if the price is right!  You never want to over price a home because you may scare away potential buyers and not receive an offer.  Most of your traffic will come through the home within the first one to two weeks of the property being listed.  If you do not get an offer, you may then realize the house is over priced and you will be looking at a price reduction!   

Buyers will always buy when the sellers have the right price on a property. Remember a house is only worth what someone else is willing to pay for it. A house can sit and sit and sit and sit on the market, until the seller either makes additional improvements to the home, which they usually never ever do, or the seller gets a little more motivated and drops the price. Once the price hits the price people may want, buyers will potentially come out of the wood work to make an offer on the house. 

Real Estate Investing Tip # 1 – Use great photos to attract buyers 
Often in real estate, there are usually not enough quality photos of a property to attract a buyer who is looking online.  Many buyers today will look at the pictures online to determine if they want to schedule a time to view the house.  Make sure all photos are attractive and do not forget to take several photos of all the rooms in the house including the garage, yard and basement, when applicable.  Just like the photos restaurants will use when advertising food, you need to wet the buyer’s appetite to view your house!    

Real Estate Investing Tip # 2 – Provide all new appliances in your buy, fix and flip!
I always include all new appliances with a house we are going to buy to fix and flip. This includes a refrigerator, stove, space saver microwave, dishwasher, laundry washer and laundry dryer. Believe it or not, you can usually get this entire appliance package for under $2,500 at most big box stores. The appliances are brand new and still in the box! 

A key point to remember is that kitchens and bathrooms help sell your house. New appliances can push your buyer over the edge to make an over the asking price offer. Remember almost new is not new. Do you want a brand new car or an almost new car? Both are nice but new always feels different. 

Real Estate Investing Tip # 3 – It’s like the cherry on top of the sundae! 

This is my all time favorite real estate investing tip. I have come up with this idea and have been using it for years. I will share it with you but do not forget where you heard this idea from. This really works and everyone that hears it smiles and realizes the potential. I always provide a free flat screen television already installed on the wall in the living room. These televisions look great above a fireplace or on an empty wall.

Many big box stores have large flat screen televisions for under $250 and I have purchased 60 inch televisions for under $500. The men will love this and they usually will be in agreement with their wife about making an offer on the house. To really get on their good side, you can also provide a gas grill for cooking out with patio furniture. This is another ethical bribe for a buyer to buy your house! 

If you provide some goodies like this with a totally rehabbed home, your home will usually sell quicker and faster than your competition if you price it right. This will put more dollars in your pocket and then you can focus on your next real estate rehab project!  Live life in the moment with no regrets!  Believe and Achieve! – Joe Jurek 

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