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You control your Sphere of Influence in real estate Investing

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In life we often make decisions everyday of our life. Some decisions are simple decisions as to what to have for lunch while others decisions can change the entire direction of our lives. So often than not, some people make quick decisions and these decisions might change a person’s life forever! At one point in time you decided to become a real estate investor. Congratulations! This might have been a decision you made on your own or with a partner. You may have decided this to take a new direction in life to pursue your very own real estate investing adventure!  You knew it would be hard work but you were up for the challenge. 

You might even have knew you needed help or guidance and why not have an expert on your side. That might be when you decided to learn form books or other real estate training.  Often in life, we make decisions and people will offer their opinions. We need to remember to not be influenced by others people and their opinions.  Opinions are like elbows, everyone has one! 

People can have strong beliefs. In life, we even face other people that like drama and enjoy to see other people go through drama in their life. They enjoy being entertained by others and what they are doing. Other people like to always be critical. In life, you might be facing people that do not believe in what you are trying to accomplish with your real estate investing efforts and that is okay. Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs and opinions. The key is to not let those individuals influence your actions in the negative way for what they believe.  Always remember, you can hear what others have to say but you choose who you actually will listen to!   

In life, we surround ourselves with people each day at work, at home or out in the community. Often, we call these people friends or even family but BEWARE there are enemies among these friends. Some people do not want you to become more success than they might be.  Others do not want you to get hurt so often will tell you to take it slowly or question what you do. Some have good intentions while some do not. We must choose wisely in life the people we surround ourselves with. Some people can be a very positive influence and help us with what we want to achieve. Some people can help us while others are just interested in holding us back. 

As you look at your world and the people you surround yourself with do they offer support and encouragement or do they complain and always want you to help them with their personal drama in life. Does your world contain people that give to you as well as take or are they just takers always wanting something from you. Do you ever feel like a sponged that gets ringed out of every drop of water of knowledge?  You control your world! Is your world flat or is your world well rounded? It can all depend on your sphere of influence. 

Your sphere of influence can make a total difference on your success or lack of success in real estate. Just like Christopher Columbus, who are you going to listen to when it comes to your world? 

Did you know that Christopher Columbus was rejected three times over seven years during 1485 through 1492, before finally getting approval and funds from the Catholic Monarchs Ferdinand and Isabella to make his infamous voyage.  Columbus was persistent and did not take no for an answer. 

Always be persistent! Do not give up! Do not take no for an answer! Live life in the moment with no regrets! Believe and Achieve! – Joe Jurek 

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